Data loss can happen with a virus, physical failure of a hard drive, lightning, fire, power failure or it can be accidentally erased. It’s not a matter of “if”- You WILL lose your data at some point. Take steps to protect it with backup systems NOW.

Computer backup is one of the most important, yet also one of the most neglected areas of computing. Backing up your data should a top priority, right next to Virus Protection. Without computer data backup or virus protection, you are running the risk of losing your data.

It will happen. Don’t think that you don’t have to worry about it. We all know that someday something will happen, and when that day comes you will be happy to know your files are backed up and safe.

What data should you back up?

You may think that you don’t have anything worth backing up – nothing too important or worth the cost of backing up or worth the headaches of setting up a computer backup system. Think again… when computer disaster strikes most people are surprised how much data they forgot they needed.

Data and documents are usually the first thing to consider, but what about photos? These days most photographs are digital and we load them on our computer – think about losing years of family photos in a fire – same goes for losing all the digital files. How about your contacts? Losing addresses, phone and emails you have been collecting. It would take a long time to accumulate those again. How about your iTunes music and movie database, do you want to buy them again? Don’t forget your child/children’s music needs to be backed up too. Then there are the internet bookmarks you have been marking for years in your browser. These are common examples, but we know that after thinking about it for a while, you will realize that there is a lot of information you don’t want to lose. That’s why you should back up your data and back it up well!

What does “backing up my data well” mean?

So often we have a client that actually did what they needed to do and bought a backup drive and moved all the data and photos to it. Unfortunately, we have seen that a single backup drive crash, losing all the family data. It is recommended that you backup to two locations, one on-site (preferably with a redundant drive) and one off-site or online.

Computer Superheroes can help you find the perfect computer backup solution including backup drives, software, and disaster planning for your family or business computer systems. We can also review your backup system to insure you are covered completely and correctly by performing regular disaster recovery plan testing and data recovery.