These instructions will help you migrate your Outlook data.  Although it may be tempting, we do not recommend importing all of your data at once.  Internet speeds are generally slower for uploading, and if you have a large mailbox, you could wind up with inconstant data being synced to your online mailbox.  Taking a stepped and measured approach will achieve the best results.

Before you start, you should have connected your Exchange account to Outlook first.

[expand title=”Selectively Export your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes”]

Follow these directions on how to export data from Outlook.  You’ll either have 2010, 2013, 0r 2016.  However, you will NOT be exporting the whole mailbox, just some data.  Before step one, click on the folder (like Contacts) you want to export.  It may help to be in Folder List view to select your data. Be sure you’re selecting your old mailbox – the one that contains data. When you get to the step where your asked to select the folder to export, the folder will already be selected.

Repeat for the other four folders from your old Outlook mailbox.  Export them to the same PST file you saved for the first folder.



[expand title=”Import what you exported”]

Be sure to select the top of your new mailbox before proceeding.

Follow these instructions to import the items you exported above.



[expand title=”Optionally import your other old mail messages”]
Again, it’s important not to try to import all of the data from your old mailbox at once.  If you decided, you can follow the export settings above to export all items in your mailbox to a stand-alone PST file.  However, these items will only live on your computer and will not be available on your other devices.  This data is also subject to loss as it will only be on your computer and will not be backed up.  Here’s how to move your messages.

  1. Select no more than 200 messages from a folder from your current mailbox.
    • You may also select a subfolder that has less than 200 items
  2. Drag and drop from the old mailbox to the new mailbox.  This will move items from the old mailbox
    • Alternatively, use the Right Mouse Button to drag and you’ll be asked if you want to move or copy
  3. Wait for the status bar in the lower right to say “All folders up to date” before selecting more messages.



[expand title=”Set your default Signature”] Click here for instructions [/expand]


[expand title=”Set your Default Address Book”] Click here for instructions [/expand]


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