Computer SuperHeroes has been a godsend to us when computer woes strike. They have helped us out both at the office and home. They have always been on time and work in a quick, efficient manner explaining the process they use as they work. We are thankful we found them and plan to use them long into the future.
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Barb Bashor, The Bashor Connection Real Estate

You have been a godsend to us every time we have needed anything and especially when it came to upgrading our systems! Your prompt response and service has been much appreciated!
Cindy Evans, Winter Insurance Agency

I really appreciate the service, skill, practicality, professionalism, and common sense that you bring to your work. You’ve been one of the best techs I’ve ever worked with.
Denise Milligan, Colorado Altitude Training

You are the best! I don’t know how any small business without their own in-house I.T. staff could live without Computer Superheroes. In this case, the name is absolutely appropriate. You have always been there for us, whenever we call- to offer new solutions or to solve simple problems or to deal with crises! We trust you implicitly and consider you an integral part of our business and our success! Thank you.
Shelli Bishoff, Conservation Impact

What an aptly-named company! When my network crashed, Computer Superheroes came to my rescue. They quickly diagnosed my problem, fixed my network, and put me back in business the same day. Great customer service, lightning-fast technical expertise. In a class by themselves!

Kelly Rogers, Mesa Consulting Group

How thankful I am to you and your crew for saving the day when my computer was down. I don’t know how I managed to get the virus but if you had not come to my rescue I would have had to shut down my travel agency. Thanks again.
Kathy Miller, President, All Travel Services

Computer Superheroes is one of the few companies that I try and promote in my day-to-day business dealings. They have always come to my rescue and many times has gone beyond the call of duty. The level of expertise is excellent. Never have I been disappointed.
Tim Stewart, President, The Broomfield Printing Company LLC

We had our problems with past computer specialists but then found Jeff [Lorenzen]. He is one of those rare people who really does know what he is talking about and shows up when he says he will. We will never consider another computer tech again—whew!
Marie Jenkinson, Owner; President, Lionsgate Event Center

I was tired of being my own technical support. My computer was getting slower and I did not have the expertise to find and fix the problem. Computer Superheroes, Inc., came to my rescue. Thank you, Superheroes!
Paula Dennee, Mark Lundeen Studios

We have been clients of Computer Superheroes for over a year now. Over the 11 years that I have been with my company I have experienced below par customer service with many IT professionals. Since contracting with Computer Superheroes for our IT services I have not had any negative experiences. Their response time is phenomenal. I heartily recommend their services to all persons and businesses.
Julie Radcliff, Flatirons Practice Management

Our family business began to use Computer Superheroes over 8 years ago. They have assisted us in our growth while intensely managing our IT needs and demands. We could not have done it without their technical abilities and advice. They are reliable, professional, and most of all, sensitive to our needs and time constraints. Thank you!
Ray Hoekstra Jr, Loveland/Johnstown

These guys are the best. Prompt, responsive, savvy and right. Worth every single penny.
Deb Beveridge, Longmont

We have been using Computer Superheroes for many years. We wouldn’t know what to do without them. Not only do they fix our computer problems – even when they are dumb mistakes by us – they even teach us what things are so we don’t have to always use the word “thingey”
Marie Jenkinson, Lionsgate Center

Thank you for the recent rescue. It’s always an emergency and you guys always pull through. They even understand me when I’m in full panic mode and speak in completely unintelligible language.
Cathy Cairns, Magnum Plastics, Erie Colorado

Thank you so much for dealing with this low tech person with so much patience and always going the extra mile to help us. You ROCK!!!
Mary Schubert, Boulder

The Fire District has used the services of Computer Superheroes for several years. Jeff has been very responsive not only to our daily needs; he has also worked with our staff in developing a computer and software capital replacement plan. Computer Superheroes provides technical support for the Fire District 24/7, a must needed service for an emergency services agency.

Stephen Charles, Fire Chief – Berthoud, Colorado

As is the case with many smaller businesses today, our organization operates via regional offices located in different states and cities and are networked together. We must be able to communicate with each other, our clients and prospects all over the world at any given moment. Our computer systems must operate 100% of the time in this highly competitive ranch and recreation real estate environment today. Our success is greatly due to our ability to generate new forms of marketing collateral, use every form of electronic tools available and have computer systems that work to put our marketing expertise in motion. However, if our computers are down, our expertise is useless. We realize we are not in the business of being computer gurus and that it’s imperative to our survival and growth goals that we have an outside source to keep our equipment and programs running efficiently and correctly 24 hours 7 days a week. We depend on Computer Superheroes to counsel us when new systems, programs and equipments is needed and, time and time again, our relationship with them and dependence on their knowledge to keep us running has always paid off. The next time you have a computer crisis or need some equipment/program consulting, I encourage you to call Computer Superheroes first. You will not be disappointed!

Stacey Lane, Johnstown, CO

Great people to work with, fast service and incredible expertise in there field. We have been working with this company for years now and have always been satisfied with there service. We recommend Computer Superheroes to anyone and everyone! Thanks guys!

Brittany Hogan, Loveland, CO

They were so excellent in helping me to retrieve my email account after it, one day out of nowhere, was not accessible. They worked with me over several days to get my email up and running, making sure everything was fine. I recommend Computer Superheroes to all of my colleagues and friends for the best and most cost- efficient handling of “Oh, my gosh, my computer has a problem!”
A. Watson, Denver, CO

Thanks to Jeff and the team of Super Heroes! You have saved us a few times now and I really appreciate it! With a travel company we need to be 24- 7 and they keep us that way! Meitaki Mata (Cook Island for thanks)

Linda Gutekunst, Boulder, CO

Computer Superhero’s timely support has saved us many hours and much grief by relieving us of having to deal with the complexities of our office computer systems.
Bill Shirley, Longmont, CO

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