What is Proactive IT Support? Everything Boulder, Colorado Businesses Need to Know

All of us have experienced a fair share of technical difficulties at work. From networks shutting down to issues accessing databases and programs, these types of troubles can be extremely frustrating. But many companies don’t have the resources for internal IT support to handle and prevent these problems from occurring.

Thankfully, outsourcing IT through a managed service provider (MSP) is an option for organizations of all sizes. Since 2014, companies have been steadily increasing their IT support service spending. Investments in IT support are expected to reach an all-time high by 2022.

But what many business owners may not realize is that their IT support providers are acting as an emergency repair service. They are available to rush in when things go wrong – such as a system failure. But IT support works far better when it prevents these issues from happening in the first place.

So, here’s what local Boulder, Colorado businesses need to know about proactive IT support.

What is Proactive IT Support?

Think of your company as a car. Emergency repair services are necessary from time to time, such as if your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. But you can reduce the likelihood of this ever occurring by taking good care of your vehicle. This includes getting routine tune-ups, oil changes, and tire rotations.

The same goes for IT support. There are essentially two approaches here:

1. Break-Fix IT

Break-fix IT support steps in to help when something is going wrong. This means that you only communicate with your IT support team when a problem occurs. If you are working with a Boulder, Colorado IT support company, they may dispatch a team to handle the issue. However, this can be extremely expensive, and it also leads to extended downtime.

Even for smaller businesses, downtime can lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention the repair costs. Productivity also grinds to a halt. On average, small businesses lose 14 hours every year with IT issues – which equates to 545 total hours of lost productivity from their employees.

2. Proactive IT Support

A proactive IT support company will stop most of these major problems from happening by getting to the root cause of the issues – and spotting warning signs long before they result in downtime. Technical problems often happen when programs are overloaded, outdated, or compromised through viruses or malware.

With a proactive MSP, your support team will take care of system maintenance so that all networks are updated and protected. Additionally, they monitor network activities to note any sudden changes which could signal an issue. A proactive Boulder, Colorado IT support provider will monitor your systems remotely and come to your office to help as needed.

How Do Boulder IT Support Companies Work?

A proactive MSP offers comprehensive IT support to manage your business tech infrastructure in multiple ways. This maximizes the results you’ll see from outsourcing IT services since you can stay in continuous contact.

– System Monitoring

One of the main ways that proactive IT support works is through round-the-clock monitoring. Unlike in-house IT, who just work during your office hours, MSPs monitor your network remotely around the clock. This means they can step in the moment something goes wrong.

For instance, say that bandwidth speeds suddenly drop. This could be caused by a saturation of devices on your network or something more nefarious, such as a cyberattack. Being able to identify the issue immediately allows IT support teams to step in right away and stop the problem before it escalates.

– Data Backups

Losing data can be devastating for businesses. This often happens on accident, such as mistakenly deleting a file or a server that suddenly crashes. However, if there are no backup systems in place, you could be totally out of luck.

Boulder IT support helps to prevent this from happening by setting up cloud-based data backup and recovery systems. This means all of your files are securely stored offsite in the cloud for instant access as needed. MSPs are also responsible for the security of these systems, so you can rest assured that none of your data will be compromised.

– Hardware and Software Updates

As a busy business owner, many small technical tasks like updating antivirus software and firewalls tend to get forgotten. This can leave your network incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks and malware, increasing the likelihood of data breaches.

Boulder IT support will take care of patching up software systems with ongoing updates and programs across all of your company’s digital tools. They can also help you improve performance with hardware update recommendations.

– IT Consulting

Another aspect of proactive IT support involves planning for the future by adopting newer, better systems. An MSP can provide IT consulting services to design a better digital infrastructure. This allows your company to grow and integrate new tech, such as business process automation.

Why Does My Business Need Proactive Boulder IT Support?

If you already have an MSP or IT company, you may be wondering why you should switch to a proactive provider. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes that companies make when it comes to Boulder IT support is going with the wrong management team.

You need to find an MSP that wants to help your business grow and succeed. Unlike a break-fix IT company – that only makes money when your tech breaks – it’s in the best interest of a proactive IT provider to ensure your tech works seamlessly every day. That said, here are some of the key benefits a proactive Boulder, Colorado IT support company can offer.

– Ensures Better Cybersecurity

Forty-three percent of all cyberattacks are aimed directly at small businesses – so every organization needs protection. A data breach can ruin a company’s reputation and cost millions of dollars to recover from. Proactive IT is designed to prevent these instances from occurring rather than try to clean up the mess afterward.

– Prevents and Resolves Technical Issues

Many technical issues can be avoided or diminished through preventative IT support. Updating software systems consistently can help programs run smoother. Additionally, 24/7 monitoring means that IT professionals can catch and repair network troubles quickly, preventing long system downtimes.

– Supports Internal Productivity

Smarter IT systems help all of your employees be more productive. For instance, cloud-based systems allow employees to access data instantly – even when they are outside the office. They can also reach out for IT support right away if they run into any issues or have tech-related questions.

– Saves Money

Reactive, break-fix IT will end up costing you far more than proactive support. By the time that you notice major IT issues, chances are it will take a while for a resolution – especially if malware is the root cause. You also have to account for the time it takes for IT support to respond and dispatch a team for repairs.

Investing in an MSP that is always available can save you money in the long run by avoiding expensive emergency repairs. Instead of paying a repair company issue after issue, you pay a proactive MSP a flat monthly rate to monitor your system and mitigate risks around the clock.

It is recommended that you go local with a Boulder, Colorado IT support company in your area, in case you need on-site support.


There is no reason that small businesses should be left scrambling when they run into technical issues. Proactive IT support is designed to empower your business by preventing issues from happening in the first place. This can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business.

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